Marquee Hire Help and Advice – Excellent advice whatever marquee hire company you choose!

2015 Wedding Marquee Hire

2015 Wedding Marquee Hire

  • It is always important to find out if the marquee hire company are available for the dates you need.
  • It is always helpful especially with bigger events to ensure if the company is willing to do a site visit in advance of the event to ensure that it is suitable.
  • Always ask the marquee hire company to clarify exactly what is included in their price.
  • Does the company have experience with working with catering companies.
  • Do they have lighting and heating facilities for the marquee hire?
  • How much deposit is required to secure a booking?
  • Feel free to request testimonials and photos of recent events.

Ask does the total cost include VAT of 13.5%, travel expenses, and the labour involved erecting and dismantling the marquee?

Other important information you should discuss with the Marquee Hire Company

  • Confirm approximate guest numbers especially if you require your guests to be formally seated.
  • Confirm delivery event date and when you need the marquee delivered and collected.
  • Confirm furniture type and quantities
  • Speak to whoever is in charge about the internal layout of marquee. For example where you want your entrance, dance floor, or bar unit etc.
  • Agree colours and style of interior decoration
  • Always confirm payment terms in advance including deposits, VAT and collection of final payment

Safety Issues: Position of underground and overhead services (e.g. drains, gas pipes, etc.) if known. Ensure your power supply is adequate. Consider fire precautions, walkways, vehicle access to the site etc.

General Help and Advice: Inform us if you need the marquee in place prior to the event in order to decorate it or for caterers to set up etc. Finally if possible make sure to update marquee hire company of changes to guest numbers, dates etc. prior to the event.