As a guide to help you organise your party or event, below are a list of questions to ask yourself when hiring a marquee for your upcoming event.

Also, we have provided an approximate size guide which can help you to decide what size marquee you will require to suit your needs.

This guide is especially useful when preparing medium to large events
(e.g. weddings, corporate parties etc).

  1. How many guests am I inviting?
  2. Are my guests going to be formally seated or is it a more casual gathering?
  3. Do I require extra space for a dance floor, DJ, band, bar unit and/or staging etc?
  4. Do I need to hire tables and chairs? If so, what kind of tables and chairs do I need? And do I need them to be covered?
  5. Do I require Roof and Wall Lining and Swag? (generally requested for more formal events)
  6. Do I need a bar unit? (please note that Marquee Marvel can only provide the unit and are not licensed to sell alcohol)
  7. Do we need extra toilet facilities? If so, would I prefer portaloo’s or luxury toilets?
  8. Do I require extra power? Will I need a generator?
  9. Do I need to hire heaters?
  10. Do I need a catering tent, catering equipment and/or buffet tables?



6m wide Marquee (20ft wide)

6 metre wide Marquees can be extended to any length in multiples of 3m (10ft).

These Marquees tend to be hired for small private events like garden parties, religious celebrations like christenings, children’s birthday parties and market stalls etc.

*The image displayed shows a 6x9m marquee with wooden floor and plain white PVC Walls.
9x24m Marquee (2)
9m wide Marquees (30ft wide)

9 metre wide Marquees can be extended to any length in multiples of 3m (10ft).

These Marquees are perfect for any medium to large sized event and are popular for events like larger garden parties, wedding marquees, corporate events, festivals etc.

*The image displayed shows a 9x24m marquee with both plain and Georgian window PVC walls, red carpet entrance and PVC double glazed door.


6m Marquee’s (Approx 20ft)

6ft seating chart


9m Marquee’s (Approx 30ft)

9ft Seating Chart

Please Note – Sizing charts are only approximate guides other factors can also affect size of the required marquee. For example – a Dance floor, Bar Unit, Staging, Buffet or Catering Tables etc.

Our size guides for a seated events has been based on people being seated around 5ft round tables with 8 people per table. There is also another option of 6ft round tables which can seat approximately 10 people per table.

If you are unsure don’t worry please just provide us with your requirements (e.g. number of guests expected and/or extra spacing needs etc) when requesting a quote and we will specify the correct size you will need in order to cater for your event.