The Marquee’s we offer here at Marquee Marvel are aluminium modular structures that do not have guy ropes or centre poles. Rest assured we only purchase the highest standard marquees that meet all EU standards health, safety and quality requirements. We are very proud of the high standard of service we offer to our customers therefore we look after our marquees very carefully, regularly cleaning them and replacing any equipment that we deem no longer reaches our high standard. As standard we hire our party marquees supplied with white PVC roofs and walls. However, if required we are happy to supply Georgian Window Walls all you need to do is ask.

Event Marquee Hire


1. What size marquee do I need to hire for my event?

Please see our party marquee hire size chart in our Planning your Marquee Event Section to help you work out what type and size of marquee you require. When checking our party marquee hire size chart, please note that it does not account for dance floors, bars, staging or catering tables. If you require any of the equipment mentioned please take this into account when deciding which size is right for your event. Our size guides for a seated events has been based on people being seated around 5ft round tables with 8 people per table. There is also another option of 6ft round tables which can seat approximately 10 people per table. If you have any doubts as to the size or type of marquee you require, please contact a member of the Marquee Marvel team and we’ll be delighted to help you choose the perfect marquee for your event.

2. Are your marquees waterproof?

Yes. At Marquee Marvel we only provide marquees that are made from the highest quality waterproof PVC material. Quality and comfort of our customers is always at the forefront of Marquee Marvel’s approach and therefore all our structures are 100% waterproof.

3. Are your marquee structures suitable for my winter event?

Marquees are suitable throughout the year. However, during the winter months we would always advise that you hire heaters to go with your marquee and in most cases hard wood flooring is more suited to ensure that your event is dry, comfortable and warm. If you have any further questions when preparing a Winter event, please feel free to contact us.

4. Do I need flooring in the marquee?

For some events where a marquee is being erected on hard standing ground such as a drive, patio or decking, the current flooring is usually sufficient especially if the marquee can be pinned into the ground. It is not essential that you have flooring within your marquee unless your marquee is likely to be held in bad weather conditions. Our team here at Marquee Marvel will always advise you on the best flooring option to suit both your requirements and budget so why not give us a call today?

5. Can I decorate the marquee myself?

Absolutely, the best part of hiring a marquee is the complete control you have over how it looks. The interior of a marquee is yours to design however you see fit. Our professional team will help you plan your event and advise you on equipment and service needs shall you require. We aim to provide an excellent personal service to all of our customers so just let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen for you with no fuss! While trying to accommodate as much as possible, we request that decorations are not sew, stapled or taped onto the marquee or lining surface, and that all decorations are removed prior to the dismantling and collection of the marquee upon the end of your event.

6. Are your marquees safe?

Marquee Marvel only supply marquees that are manufactured to the highest quality and that conform to all the necessary Irish and European Quality and Safety Standards. The manufacturer of all our standard marquees is certified ISO 9001 2000. For any further queries on health and safety please check our Marquee Hire Health and Safety Policy.

7. How much do site visits cost?

Nothing, the site survey is completed free of charge. Most small events do not require a site visit however if the event venue has complications like uneven terrain, restricted space or issues that cannot be resolved during the booking process then we would usually provide a site visit to ensure your marquee is erected in the safest and best possible way. All site visits are at the earliest convenience of the client after we receive all event and requirements information.

8. What is the latest I can hire a marquee?

Understandably, hiring a Marquee is subject to availability at time of booking and there are many factors that could change availability. We would advise to book well in advance to avoid disappointment especially in the high season which tends to be May through until October. More importantly if you are having a medium to large event it is advisable to book early. Currently we can take bookings anywhere from the day of the event to 3 years in advance.

9. Do I have to be there when the Marquee is installed?

We generally prefer that the client or at least a person who has been designated by the client to be there on the day of install. This is to ensure that everything has been assembled to your satisfaction. Also, that the client is aware of how to use any equipment or electrics (if any), to notify our team of any site issues or potential problems as well as to make any outstanding issues.

10. When do you arrive to erect the marquee and when do you come back to take it down?

The marquee is generally erected 1-2 days prior to the event in order to give sufficient time for further setup and decoration (i.e. furniture, generator etc). Generally we come to take down the marquee either a day or two after the event, it’s mostly dependent on the client’s wishes.

11. What’s the difference between lined and unlined marquees?

Marquee lining provides a more elegant and luxurious finish to a marquee. Roof and Wall lining is mostly suited to formal and celebratory events such as weddings or private parties. With unlined marquees, the PVC walls and marquee structure are fully visible, making them more suitable for functional or casual events. Please see our marquee photo gallery there a variety of lined and unlined marquees to give you a better idea of the difference.

12. Can Marquees be erected on uneven ground or sloping terrain?

Yes, depending on the severity of the slope however it is easier when marquees are erected on level ground. A full site survey can be completed to assess suitability and any particular site constraints prior to erection. In some instances we will be able to erect a marquee on slightly uneven ground using ‘extension legs or packing’. This technique will ensure that the marquee is erected level and is safe for your guests.

13. Can the marquee be connected to a building?

Marquees we provide can serve as an ‘extension’ to a building provided there is suitable space. Covered walkways are also possible. However, please note that we are never able to connect a marquee fully to a building but we will work to erect the marquee, as close to the building as possible.

14. Can your marquees be opened in warm weather?

Yes, some or all of the walls of our marquees and pagodas can be opened and secured quickly and easily. The walls can possibly be left off of all sides of the marquee if the weather conditions were fine. However, it would not be suitable to remove individual sides of the marquee as this could create a sail effect. We cannot guarantee removal of any walls before the day of the event.

15. What is the distance between each section of the marquee?

Our standard marquees are assembled in bays of 3 meters (10ft)

16. Could a marquee damage cables or pipes running underneath the site?

Our hire charges are based on the reasonable assumption that no drains, cables or other services are buried beneath the surface or otherwise concealed. In the case of any damage to cabling, pipe work etc we cannot be held liable for any damages it is up to the client to reasonably inform a member of our team either in advance or at the very least on the day of assembly if they are aware of any potential issues concerning cables, pipes etc underground or otherwise concealed. This should be discussed at the site consultation or over the phone when confirming your Marquee Hire Booking.

17. Will a marquee damage our garden?

Grass that has been covered for several days will temporarily turn a shade of yellow but should recover within 7 days. The team on site are always very careful not to damage plants and flower beds if included in a marquee however we would ask that any shrubs, plants or other materials that are obstructing the site and entrance to the site are removed before are arrival.

18. Does Marquee Marvel have insurance cover?

Yes, we hold Public Liability Insurance for a value of up to €6.5 million damages. We are able if required to offer risk assessments and method statements upon request. Details of insurance cover requirements can be found in our Health and Safety Policy Section.


1. Does Marquee Marvel also hire furniture?

Yes, at Marquee Marvel we don’t offer only marquee hire. We are proud to offer a wide range of furniture for hire with your marquee and if we do not personally supply the furniture you require then we will be happy to assist you in finding the items you require to make your event unforgettable. With Marquee Marvel, you always come first and we will do our best to provide what you’re looking for for your events. Please see our Marquee Hire Services Section for more information.

2. How many guests can I seat around a table?

Generally, it is:

  • Approx 10 people around a 6ft circular table
  • Approx 8–10 people around a 5ft circular table
  • Approx 6 people around a 6ft trestle table

3. Do I need a heater on my Marquee?

No, during the summer months a heater is usually not necessary, unless you have chosen a particularly large marquee for use during the evening. During the colder months we would always advise that you use one or more heaters in your marquee.

4. Do I need a generator?

If you do not have a power source on your site then you would require a generator. Marquee Marvel can advise you on what type of generator you will need upon enquiry.

5. Do you hire toilets?

No, we do not supply toilets directly, however we have solid business relationships with a range of waste disposal companies who are able to offer a range of toilets to service your event and we would be happy to make all the necessary arrangements for you.


1. Do I have to pay a deposit?

Generally, we ask for a 25% booking fee for bookings over €1,000 as a way of receiving full commitment to hire the marquee. This is because we only hold limited stock, if a customer decides to cancel their marquee hire, we may be unable to re-book that stock for that duration. Please Note Booking Fees are non-refundable.

2. When must I make my final payment?

Final payment must be paid in cleared funds on the day the marquee is set-up. Payment can be paid to the Marquee Foreman dealing with your job in either cash or cheque. Alternatively you may pay through an online bank lodgement please contact the office for bank details. We accept cheque, cash, bank transfer, credit & debit cards. Please email or call us for more information. 

3. Can I make last minute changes to my marquee?

Alterations to accessory requirements can be made no later than 48 hours in advance in extreme circumstances alterations can be made no later 24 hours however these alterations are subject to cost and availability. Please contact us via 01 2916259 if you have urgent requests.