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We are excited to be getting prepared for the new 2018 Party Marquee Season. We had a great 2017 for marquees hired for parties of all sizes. We already have a lot of Communions and Confirmations parties already on the books for May 2018. As well as the usual birthdays and anniversaries. Also one thing we have noticed an increasing trend of for party marquees is for family reunions. It is becoming a popular party in Ireland, one we are happy to accommodate.

50th Birthday Party Marquee

50th Birthday Party Marquee

One of latest party marquees we done was for a 21st on New Years Eve 2017. It was a big glamorous party where the birthday girl looked amazing and had a fantastic birthday party / New Year’s Eve party rolled into one.

Check out the video to give you an idea of our work it was a difficult job as the ground was extremely uneven but we have a great team that worked tirelessly to raise and level the marquee so the marquee was perfect for the birthday girl and her dancing friends.