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We are excited to be getting prepared for the new 2018 Party Marquee Season. We had a great 2017 for marquees hired for parties of all sizes. We already have a lot of Communions and Confirmations parties already on the books for May 2018. As well as the usual birthdays and anniversaries. Also one thing we have noticed an increasing trend of for party marquees is for family reunions. It is becoming a popular party in Ireland, one we are happy to accommodate.

One of latest party marquees we done was for a 21st on New Years Eve 2017. It was a big glamorous party where the birthday girl looked amazing and had a fantastic birthday party / New Year’s Eve party rolled into one.
Check out the video to give you an idea of our work it was a difficult job as the ground was extremely uneven but we have a great team that worked tirelessly to raise and level the marquee so the marquee was perfect for the birthday girl and her dancing friends.

Christmas Marquee Hire

Look Back on the Christmas Marquee Hire 2017

The Christmas markets we done this year were a great success. It was such a lovely experience for us to really see the Christmas spirit come alive in people, even if the freezing weather conditions people were so kind and generous to each other and they all looked after one another it was very warming to see.

Not to mention the amazing hand crafts that were for sale in each of the markets beautiful and unique pieces it was hard not to go mad spending lol. Hard to forget the wonderful puppet and culinary shows that were on in some of the smaller marquees they too were so interesting and perfect place to snuggle up and warm up for a few minutes from the freezing cold.

We had a fabulous time and the marquee hire was just as fabulous too….

Check out the following videos to give you an idea of what we were up too in December 2017

Trim Christmas Market

Light Show in Castletown Christmas Village

We hope to do it all again even bigger and better shows again NEXT YEAR!! Big shout out to Bespoke advertising they done a wonderful job pulling all the different markets together. Very Impressive set up!

If you are thinking of a having a party, wedding, anniversary, corporate event or anything in between please be sure to look us up in 2018 we would only be delighted to assist.
Merry Christmas to you all from all of us here in Marquee Marvel Ltd. 

Type of Marquees Marquee Marvel Hire

Type of Marquees  – Marquee Marvel Hire

Here are the details of the two types of marquees and what makes them so special. We have these marquees in stock ready to hire for all type of jobs no event is too big or too small.

Framed marquees

Framed Marquees are a modern style of marquee. Instead of centre poles and guy ropes, these tents are supported by an aluminium structure around the edge – illustrated in the photo above.
Clear Span Marquee: A clear span marquee means no central pole, therefore there is a clear space inside the marquee and an unobstructed view around the tent.
Marquee Erected on Any Surface:These include hard surfaces like sand, gravel, and concrete. This is because frame marquees can be secured to the ground with weights instead of pegs (though pegs are used as much as possible and are advisable in bad weather).
Flexible use of space: Marquees can be joined together to cover large areas, fit L-shaped gardens or allow for different areas within an event
Installation Anywhere: Well.. almost anywhere. Having no guy ropes results in frame marquees that can fit in small gardens, on roof terraces, on patios, in courtyards, on the street etc. Marquees make the maximum use of space.
Easily Divided Up Into Sections: Marquees can be easily divided into different sections to accommodate different client configurations. For Example for a wedding you can have one large marquee divided into two sections one section for the ceremony and the second section for the reception area. Also, we have divided marquees for agri-show events and sporting events i.e. changing rooms and first aid.
Safety: Our Marquee covers are made from flame-retardant PVC manufactured to the latest BSI standards. We [...]

Marquee Hire Help and Advice

Marquee Hire Help and Advice – Excellent advice whatever marquee hire company you choose!

It is always important to find out if the marquee hire company are available for the dates you need.
It is always helpful especially with bigger events to ensure if the company is willing to do a site visit in advance of the event to ensure that it is suitable.
Always ask the marquee hire company to clarify exactly what is included in their price.
Does the company have experience with working with catering companies.
Do they have lighting and heating facilities for the marquee hire?
How much deposit is required to secure a booking?
Feel free to request testimonials and photos of recent events.

Ask does the total cost include VAT of 13.5%, travel expenses, and the labour involved erecting and dismantling the marquee?

Other important information you should discuss with the Marquee Hire Company

Confirm approximate guest numbers especially if you require your guests to be formally seated.
Confirm delivery event date and when you need the marquee delivered and collected.
Confirm furniture type and quantities
Speak to whoever is in charge about the internal layout of marquee. For example where you want your entrance, dance floor, or bar unit etc.
Agree colours and style of interior decoration
Always confirm payment terms in advance including deposits, VAT and collection of final payment

Safety Issues: Position of underground and overhead services (e.g. drains, gas pipes, etc.) if known. Ensure your power supply is adequate. Consider fire precautions, walkways, vehicle access to the site etc.

General Help and Advice: Inform us if you need the marquee in place prior to the event in order to decorate it or for caterers to set up etc. Finally if possible make sure to update [...]

Selecting the Perfect Venue

What to look out for when selecting the perfect venue.
If you or even anyone you know that has a garden, a field or any other easily accessible land chances are you can erect a marquee on it.
If you don’t, don’t worry there are numerous venues around  the Ireland that let out their grounds for marquees, these can be easily found by searching on Google and range from woodlands to castles to camping parks.
Have a chat with one of us on the team, here at Marquee Marvel we will more than likely be able to recommend something in and around your area.
The Site
The ground does not need to be the perfect lawn, or even be grass! Most marquee companies will flatten out pot holes and bumps and create a good flat surface. The important thing is that the site is relatively flat as flooring will follow the general slope of a site, although some leveling is possible.
If you have a specific site in mind that is very sloped, a suspended flooring system or scaffold set up can be used, but this tends to increase costs.

It is important to check that your chosen site is free from low overhead cables, power lines and underground pipes or power cables.
Penetrable ground is much simpler for securing the marquee like a lawn, but if the site is concrete or tarmac, other fixing systems can be provided.
It is also important that the
site itself has good access allowing vehicles as
close to the marquee location as possible.
Difficult access or a long carry of gear onto a site may result in increased costs. If in doubt, a site visit or a telephone discussion with one of the team here at Marquee Marvel will resolve any doubt – most [...]

Tips for Wedding Marquee Hire

Wedding Marquees for all seasons

Love the idea of hiring and decorating a marquee for a wedding, here are some tips for wedding marquee hire. Marquees can be erected anywhere you feel special enough to want to celebrate your big day! However many guests you’re having at your wedding or wedding ceremony, a beautiful tent on the grounds of your wedding venue or even on your own lawn creates the perfect environment for a stunning Irish wedding celebration.

There’s so much more to hiring a marquee – the options are endless for example you can include carpets, dance floor, bars, glitterballs, fairy lights, mood lighting, coloured lanterns to match your wedding theme the list goes on and on…

For late summer and autumn weddings its a good idea to keep your colour scheme rich and make the most of a marquee with elaborate decorative effects. We love the effect of ‘starry night skies’ (also known as starlight cloth) to transform your dance floor into s starry night as evening descends. You can also opt for candelabra, hanging lanterns and more… we can help you choose the perfect lighting for a gorgeous wedding tent.

For a spring wedding, your colour scheme should be bright and fresh, and you’ll need a marquee to cater for warm or cooler weather as we all know the unpredictable Irish weather! Choose a marquee with a lining to keep the warmth inside while also adding a luxurious feel to the marquee.

Ask for Some Georgian window panels or PVC curtains which can be drawn back on a bright, sunny spring day. Also, it’s good to consider a carpeted marquee to add warmth and comfort.

If you want you can leave the walls of your wedding marquee open in summer to make the most [...]


MARQUEE HIRE PRICE – Tips on what affects the marquee hire price
The Number One Factor That Affects Marquee Hire Price is the Number of Guests Attending Your Function

Number of Guests: In order to get the best marquee hire price,  the first thing to do is to decide roughly how many guests are attending your event whether it’s a wedding marquee, birthday marquee, corporate marquee rental, festival or renting a marquee for a funeral.

The size of the marquee will determine marquee hire price. As a rule of thumb we at Marquee Marvel would recommend approximately one square metre per guest. Furthermore, take into account if extra space for other elements is needed for the marquee hire for example the top table for a wedding marquee or space for buffet tables, a bar unit, and / or a dance floor.

Check out here our guide for marquee size versus number of guests for more information.

Seated or Standing: In addition, it’s important to decide if your event is formal or informal. When hiring a marquee for a formal event your guests will be all be seated at one time like at a wedding ceremony or dinner dance. An informal event is more relaxed and generally there is a mixture of seated and standing guests like a birthday party or a music event When hiring a marquee deciding whether or not your guests will be seated or standing will establish the size of the marquee needed dictating the cost of the marquee rental.

Please Note: Different size tables will also affect the amount of space you require. 5ft Round tables generally seat eight people, 6ft Round tables generally seat ten guests and are the popular options for formal events. While rectangular trestle tables can [...]

Why Hire a Party Marquee in Ireland



Hiring a Party Marquee can really help make a wedding, civil ceremony, party and many other celebratory event a special occasion! Renting a marquee can suit every budget and nothing is too much trouble.

Guests see the marquee decorated to each individual style, they hear the music, smell the wafting aromas of food which all help to create a party mood. It’s a great excuse to meet old friends and family as well as an an ideal opportunity to make new ones. Disco dancing dancers can cool off by stepping outside. Not to mention that brides can have their perfect fairy tale wedding in location that is unique to them and one they love whilst friends and family enjoy the celebrations in the marquee hired.

Safe and Secure; Party Marquees are ideal for events that include the little ones miles stone celebrations like birthday parties, christenings, communions to name but a few. You have the peace of mind that your children are in a safe familiar place as well as the fact that we all know children love to play outside on the lawn.

Freedom and flexibility; hiring a party marquee in Ireland for a wedding, civil ceremony, corporate event or party gives you complete control of everything in terms of location, number of guests, table arrangements and allows a free range in terms of themes or decorations. If the bride wants cream then the marquee is cream, the party can be simply decorated with bunton, it can have a rustic look or even the latest celebrity theme. The world of marquees is literally your oyster. The [...]

  • Bell tent - Interior

    Bell Tents For Hire Nationwide – Marquee Marvel’s NEW ADDITION!!

Bell Tents For Hire Nationwide – Marquee Marvel’s NEW ADDITION!!

You Can Now Hire A Bell Tent With Marquee Marvel
Marquee Marvel party marquee hire is proud to introduce our new addition to our party tent hiring offers. Check out our brand new Bell Tent that is now available for hire nationwide. You can use the Bell Tent for a variety of different uses, from themed garden parties like Arabian nights for instance or for a kids tent to camp out your back garden in comfort and style. You can also use it as a catering tent for communions or confirmation for a buffet style meal.
The uses for the bell tent are really endless and it looks great.
If you have any questions or are not sure of which marquee will serve your needs best, please check out our FAQ section or contact us today. We’re always delighted to help you with all your marquee hire inquires.
Contact our team today for a quotation, we offer unbeatable value for your money when it comes to nationwide marquee hire.

Just Fulfilled our Pledge to Hireland

We at Marquee Marvel Ltd. are delighted to announce that the pledge we made to hire a person before the end of the summer 2013 has just been fulfilled.

In early February we pledged to support “ Hireland ” an initiative that was set up to help get  the people of Ireland back working. Companies went online and pledged that they would hire someone to fulfill a role in 2013.

We pledged in February that we would hire someone before the end of the summer 2013.

We are delighted to say that we have done it and our newest member of the team will be joining us from next Monday on-wards!!!

It’s great to be a part of a worthwhile initiative to get Ireland back on the right track and get  people working again!! Let’s all Support Hireland.