Wedding Marquee Decorations on a Budget!

Creative, Cheap and Cheerful – the wonderful world of marquee decorations

The Great thing about this area is that unlike everything else related to weddings, it doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to drop €1000 on personal candles, lanterns and tree lighting when you can get the same thing from Ikea for like €4.

And let’s face it, half these things will end up ruined or around someone’s head by the end of the night anyway.

The other thing is that you can also involve your family and friends in HANDMADE CRAFTING getting everyone involved in the special day prep (and getting some FREE labour).

The great thing is – with marquee decorations; you don’t really need to think too deeply on it. There is no need to spend lots of money on other peoples’ concepts and designs. Instead eBay, Ikea and Amazon are your new best friends and it’s simple to make the rest up as you go along. If you want a vintage-style wedding sign with cream-coloured bunting? Go for it. Find your nearest arts and craft store and go mad!

Here are some decorative bits that have caught my eye so far, all under €30:

Table decorations and centerpieces

I’m a big fan of the whole wild flowers in glass bottles thing, the paper flowers are a nice touch to scatter over marquee trestle tables and water bottles bring a welcome dash of colour to proceedings. You can pick up cheap coloured bottles in both Amazon, Ebay and Ikea!!

Outdoor lighting and candles

There are numerous options for jazzing up the outside of your marquee, and they don’t need to be of a €500-a-go sculptured light installation. Start off with coloured or plain jam jars – filling them with tea lights and hang from trees or another nice touch is line the path to the marquee with them. Solar fairy lights hanging in the nearby trees and hedges can be a nice touch. Or hang CD’s hanging from branches the CD’s can bounce off the (hopefully sunny day) or bounce off the fairy lights at night-time.

Hanging lanterns

Hanging Lanterns I Love them! I personally think you can’t get enough of them in a marquee wedding. If you want to go low-key and neutral, go for white or cream but I love like the idea of mixing in brighter and bolder colours. These collapsible Chinese lanterns are cheap and brilliant and you can mix them up with a stream of larger, one-colour lanterns here and there. They really do look great!

Hanging Lanterns & Wild Flowers in Glass Jar