What to look out for when selecting the perfect venue.

If you or even anyone you know that has a garden, a field or any other easily accessible land chances are you can erect a marquee on it.

If you don’t, don’t worry there are numerous venues around  the Ireland that let out their grounds for marquees, these can be easily found by searching on Google and range from woodlands to castles to camping parks.

Have a chat with one of us on the team, here at Marquee Marvel we will more than likely be able to recommend something in and around your area.

The Site

The ground does not need to be the perfect lawn, or even be grass! Most marquee companies will flatten out pot holes and bumps and create a good flat surface. The important thing is that the site is relatively flat as flooring will follow the general slope of a site, although some leveling is possible.

If you have a specific site in mind that is very sloped, a suspended flooring system or scaffold set up can be used, but this tends to increase costs.

Marquee in Ballintaggart House

Marquee in Ballintaggart House

It is important to check that your chosen site is free from low overhead cables, power lines and underground pipes or power cables.

Penetrable ground is much simpler for securing the marquee like a lawn, but if the site is concrete or tarmac, other fixing systems can be provided.

It is also important that the
site itself has good access allowing vehicles as
close to the marquee location as possible.
Difficult access or a long carry of gear onto a site may result in increased costs. If in doubt, a site visit or a telephone discussion with one of the team here at Marquee Marvel will resolve any doubt – most marquee companies do a free site visit.