We’ve compiled 10 top tips on hiring a marquee to help you consider key aspects into your hire. This can be a new and daunting experience, so where do you start?

      1. Leave yourself plenty of time

        Many people make the mistake of leaving too little time to plan an event. Leaving things until the last minute is a prime reason why events can become stressful for many people and stress is one of the last things you need to be worrying about. Be sure to book your marquee and other hire equipment well in advance of your event, especially if your event is planned during the summer as popular suppliers can be booked out anything from a year in advance. Many marquee companies may offer discounts for events outside the peak summer months.

      2. Know your budget

        If you are on a tight budget, keeping the number of guests down is the simplest way to make the biggest savings on the marquee, furniture and catering costs. Friends can always be invited for the evening drinks & buffet later in the day, when some of the close family will often be leaving. Independently sourcing furniture and generators locally will keep delivery costs down and give you a bit of extra cash to spend elsewhere.

      3. Getting the Location Right

        Choosing the location of your event is very important. It is always good to think outside the box with your marquee hire as you can erect a marquee wherever you wish. The flexibility of a marquee means that you are not restricted to buildings and hire halls and so use this to your advantage and get creative.

      4. Guests

        Guest numbers will determine the size of the marquee you will need. Decide whether you will have your guests all formally seated or majority standing. You can usually assume that approximately 15% of your invites will be unable to attend. If you are seating all your guests be cautious of your table seating numbers. You don’t want your guests to be sitting on each other’s laps but neither do you want them to be so far apart they have to shout across the table. Industry standards suggest a 5ft6” round table can set between 8-10 guests and takes up approximately a 3m x 3m sq area.

      5. Size of Marquee

        Once you have established how many guests you are expecting and whether they are seated or standing, then think about do you require extra space for buffet area, and/or dance floor, DJ, stage etc as these will all affect the size of the marquee you require.

      6. Ask for Advice and Ideas

        As a quality marquee supplier we will be able to provide you with ideas and suggestions when planning your event and will also have numerous contacts in related services to pass across to you. You may be looking for an unusual location or wish to theme your marquee, find caterers or florists. However unusual the request you have nothing to lose by asking. For example have you thought about….

        • Heating – There is nothing worse than a cold marquee and unhappy guests. Even in the summer, evenings can get cold and you may need some provision to heat the tent in to the early hours.
        • Toilets – It is important to make sure that you have adequate toilet facilities for all your guests especially the disabled and mothers with small children. Do you need a cloakroom facility? This can usually be supplied in the form of a small tent attached to the main marquee.
        • Catering – If using caterers it is worth considering a separate marquee for their sole use. Some catering companies can provide their own mess areas if required. If not, we have marquees that can be used specifically for this purpose. It is worth establishing from the caterers what equipment they are bringing with them and how much space they need. If they require a large tent this will impact on your budget.


  • Always check for additional costs

    Marquee Marvel will always provide all known costs from the out-set including details of transport and insurance costs (if it applies). However, on many occasions some specifications will not be covered in the standard pricing. These costs are not always able to be assessed at the first quotation and when you are just looking for ideas. If you are happy with what the marquee company have suggested and would like to talk things through face to face, booking in a site visit is a good idea (even if you just have a totally flat lawn). Common issues that may affect the pricing are, if the ground is slightly uneven and requires scaffold flooring to level it out, there are objects obstructing the area (rockery, trees, steps) or the marquee is to be erected is on patio or other hard standing.

  • Access

    Does your marquee site have adequate access and the room required for erectors and contractors to work? Are there restrictions on the set up and de-rig times? If hours are restricted, this may affect the build cost.

  • Power

    Do you have adequate power availability for lighting, catering equipment and other electrical accessories? Who is responsible for looking after things while the event is in progress? Do you need a back up supply?

  • Payment

    Please feel free to ask us about our terms of payment if you are unsure. How much deposit is due and will you get it back if anything happens and the event has to be cancelled?



Taking this simple advice will remove the stress from hiring a marquee and help to ensure that you have a truly memorable and unique event.