MARQUEE HIRE PRICE – Tips on what affects the marquee hire price

The Number One Factor That Affects Marquee Hire Price is the Number of Guests Attending Your Function

Number of Guests: In order to get the best marquee hire price,  the first thing to do is to decide roughly how many guests are attending your event whether it’s a wedding marquee, birthday marquee, corporate marquee rental, festival or renting a marquee for a funeral.

The size of the marquee will determine marquee hire price. As a rule of thumb we at Marquee Marvel would recommend approximately one square metre per guest. Furthermore, take into account if extra space for other elements is needed for the marquee hire for example the top table for a wedding marquee or space for buffet tables, a bar unit, and / or a dance floor.

Check out here our guide for marquee size versus number of guests for more information.

Seated or Standing: In addition, it’s important to decide if your event is formal or informal. When hiring a marquee for a formal event your guests will be all be seated at one time like at a wedding ceremony or dinner dance. An informal event is more relaxed and generally there is a mixture of seated and standing guests like a birthday party or a music event When hiring a marquee deciding whether or not your guests will be seated or standing will establish the size of the marquee needed dictating the cost of the marquee rental.

Please Note: Different size tables will also affect the amount of space you require. 5ft Round tables generally seat eight people, 6ft Round tables generally seat ten guests and are the popular options for formal events. While rectangular trestle tables can seat between six and eight guests.

How long do I rent a Marquee for? 
The length of time you hire a marquee also impacts cost, at Marquee Marvel we put the customer first so we try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate the needs of the clients. For formal events like wedding marquees it’s important to remember you will need the marquee set up at least one or two days before your wedding so that you can arrange the tables and chairs etc, as well as decorate it. Similarly, you will need sufficient time after the event to clean up and pack things away. Talking this through with one of our staff will help decide the necessary length of time needed when hiring your marquee.

For weekend events, the marquee is yours for both Saturday and Sunday.

During the week, the length of the marquee hire period is by arrangement.

REMEMBER: Marquee Hire events are not just for summer!

Having a marquee event during the winter months is totally possible as we can provide you with Powerful Heaters, PVC Double Glazed Doors and Hard Wooden Flooring. Meaning a marquee can be extremely warm and comfortable inside. You can really enjoy a marquee party whatever the season.

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